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Small light weight design packed with big great sound!

      • Portable FM Radio Receiver & MP3 Playback
      • Built-in BT Allows You to Connect to Your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer, MP3 Player and More
      • USB Input Compatible
      • SD & Micro SD Card Slots Compatible
      • LED Flashing Lights
      • Built-in Torch Light
      • Powerful Speaker
      • Karaoke Compatible
      • Rechargeable Battery
      • Output Power: 1.8W
      • AC Power Supply: 120/240V
      • DC: 6V (“AA” x 4Pcs.) (Batteries not included)

                              Accessories Included: User Manual and Carry Strap

                              Black Product UPC: 639131210837Black Master Case UPC: 10639131210834
                              Blue Product UPC: 639131310834Blue Master Case UPC: 10639131310831
                              Red Product UPC: 639131810839Red Master Case UPC: 10639131810836
                              PACKAGED WEIGHT (lbs)
                              PACKAGING DIMENSIONS (in)
                              PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (in)
                              PRODUCT WEIGHT (lbs)

                              Portable Bluetooth® FM Radio

                              • Product Code: SC-1083BT