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Excellent reception to keep you connected. Great for camping and outdoor activities.

    • 9 Band Radio with AM/FM & SW1-7
    • Built-in BT Allows You to Wirelessly Stream Music from Any BT-Enabled Device
    • USB Input Allows You to Play Music from an External Device
    • Built-in Micro SD Card Slot Allows You to Play Music Via a Micro SD Card
    • BL-5C Rechargeable Battery
    • AC: 110~220
    • DC: 4.5V (UM-3 X 3Pcs.) (not included)

                Accessories Included: Manual

                Black Product UPC: 639131210806Black Master Case UPC: 1063913210803
                Silver Product UPC: 639131710801Silver Master Case UPC: 10639131710808
                Red Product UPC: 639131810808Red Master Case UPC: 10639131810805
                Gold Product UPC: 639131410800Gold Master Case UPC: 10639131410807
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                9 Band Bluetooth Radio

                • Product Code: SC-1080BT