Tablet FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Supersonic Tablets

1. I want to use my SD-card in Supersonic tablet. Do your tablets support this facility?

Yes, all models support Micro SD-card, up to 32GB.

2. Can I use Standard USB flash drive on Supersonic Tablet?

Yes, some models support standard USB and some models do not have the USB standard port. Some models will only come with Micro or Mini USB ports. Please review your Model’s specs.

3. Do I have to register my Supersonic Tablet™?

NO. You don't need to register your Supersonic Tablet. To process Warranty you need to keep your Proof of purchase receipt.

4. Can I make a call using a Supersonic tablet?

Yes, we have limited Models that support SIM card. You can make a phone call, send messages, use internet with GSM/WCDMA ON 3G NETWORKS, depending on your SIM. Using Wi-Fi and the help of software’s such as Skype.

5. Do Supersonic tablets support Bluetooth?

Most tablets support transfer of files, we have several models that support Bluetooth functions. You can go to our website to find our Bluetooth Models.

6. Do Supersonic tablets support Dongles?

Dongles are devices that are plugged into a device to access protected software or facilities like the internet and prevent unauthorized access. Tablets which do not support SIM facility usually come with dongle support to surf the internet. Generally, budget tablets support dongle.

7. How do I surf the Internet on my Supersonic tablet?

Connect to a Wi-Fi network and use one of the two pre-installed browser options to surf the Internet.

8. If I don't have a Wi-Fi network, can I connect Supersonic Tablet to a network with a cable?

Yes, you can connect via Ethernet; you will need to use a special Ethernet adapter and an OTG cord to connect to your Home router. Best way to connect to the Internet is via Wi-Fi connectivity. Please check with your Internet service provider on how to setup a Wi-Fi connection in your home. If you do not have a Wi-Fi network at home, you can access Wi-Fi hotspots at many public places, like cafés, airports, hotels, bookstore etc.

9. What if I experience Authentication problems while trying to connect?

Authentication error when trying to connect to your Wi-Fi is normally an issue with a password "error". The router/modem is not recognizing the password that was typed in for access. You may need to confirm you are using the correct password by contacting your service provider. Make sure to check the box for "Show Password" so that you can see what has been typed in and if it is correct.

10. Can I use Wi-Fi on a plane?

For some airlines, Wi-Fi is provided (Fees may be associated). Airlines will typically let you use Wi-Fi above a certain altitude. Please check with your airline(s) for details. When you connect to the airline's hotspot, You will be prompted and redirected to the Web browser on your tablet.

11. How long should we charge the Supersonic tablet on first time usage?

Should charge for 4-6 hrs. first time or until fully charged battery icon shows up on display screen.

12. Can I replace the battery on my Supersonic tablet?

Battery replacement is not supported. You will need to service your tablet with Manufacturer. See your Warranty terms.

13. How long should we re-charge the Supersonic Tablet?

Usually, to recharge your rechargeable battery depends on battery size. Most 7" inch tablet can fully charge in 2-3 hrs. For 9-10"13" fully charge in 4-6hrs.

14. How long does the Rechargeable battery last on Supersonic Tablets?

It Depend on your rechargeable battery type and Frequency of use. Please refer to the product specs that can be found on our website.

15. Can I view my calendar and email offline with my Supersonic Android device?

Yes. The easiest way to do so is via the included Google applications on your device. You will need to sync your data to the device periodically by connecting to the internet, where your device your retrieve your data from the Google cloud. Supported Google services include but are not limited to Gmail and Google Calendar.

16. Can I watch videos on my Supersonic Android device?

Yes, Video support for Android devices varies, depending on the chipset and associated video decoder on the device. Flash video depends on support for Adobe flash. However, some web services such as YouTube have videos formatted for mobile devices and do not require Adobe flash to view.

17. Can I rotate the screen on my Android device?

Many Android devices have built in G-sensors (accelerometers) that detect the orientation of the device and rotate the screen. However, this may not always be implemented correctly, or disabled altogether. Make sure you have not enabled the 'lock rotation' setting.

18. Is there firmware support for my Supersonic tablet?

To apply Manufacturer's Firmware it requires Software tools and special programming skills and it best to be done by a Service tech specialist in this field. Firmware is available upon request. Do not flash a firmware that was not intended for your device. You might end up with a brick no one can fix.

19. Can I upgrade the RAM in my Supersonic tablet?

Typical tablets are embedded platforms, and do not have replaceable RAM modules. They are closer to the Smartphone. So no, you can't just upgrade the RAM.

20. Can I upgrade the ROM (storage space) in my Supersonic tablet?

Usually no, the flash memory ROM chip is typically soldered on the main board and is not end-user replaceable. Some tablets have external storage in the form of a microSD card. Recent versions of Android do not allow the installation of applications or application data on to external storage devices when you are allowed to move applications to the external microSD.

21. Can I install Microsoft Windows on my Supersonic tablet?

Microsoft Windows usually has no support for the type of hardware used by most Android tablets. As such, you generally cannot install Windows onto an Android tablet. 

22. Can I expect to use my USB mouse/keyboard with my Supersonic tablet?

Yes, you will need to obtain the USB OTG cable must be connected in a specific way for your tablet’s USB peripherals to work. Generally, you can expect mice, keyboards, and storage drives (FAT) to work. Standard device USB Host does support this feature.

23. Can I upgrade my Android version to the latest version?

Upgrading Android is not always trivial, and typically is not supported by the device manufacturer for many of the devices updated to latest version of android you can purchase separately.

24. What are the requirements for Adobe Flash on Supersonic Android Tablets?

The official requirements for Adobe Flash on Android include Android 2.2 AND a CPU better or equal to the Cortex A8 CPU. Cortex A9 CPUs including Tegra 2 processors also work.
The Cortex A5 and A7 processors also are expected to be supported, but their performance is usually too poor to run most Flash sites well. While Adobe Flash Player is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

17. How do I print from my Supersonic tablet?

Print wirelessly from your tablet using the ePrint app or Google Cloud Print.