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Virtual Reality Headset & 3D Video Game Glasses for 4.7” - 6” Android and Apple Smartphones.

    • Turn Your Smartphone Into a Virtual Reality Experience, Throwing You Into Amazing 360O Virtual Adventures. Watch 3D Movies and Play Games Like Never Before
    • Compatible with iOS & Android Phones with 4.7”- 6.0” Touch Screens
    • Light Weight So You Can Play and Watch More Comfortably, Includes Room for Most Eyeglasses
    • Adjustable (PD) Pupil Distance (1.50”- 3.0”) for Better Viewing
    • Adjustable (FL) Focal Length (3.0”- 3.34”) for Better Viewing
    • Comfortable Fit: High Quality Adjustable Headset, Improved Nose Padding for Extra Comfort and Durability
    • Enjoy Real 3D Experience and 360O Degree Panoramic Views
    • Cooling Ventilation Slots Help to Prevent Your Smartphone from Getting Over Heated During Charging and Allows Connection for Earphones
    • Aspheric Optical Lens Design
    • High Transmittance Nano-Coating Technology
    • Made of ABS Strong and Durable Material

                        Accessories Included: Manual

                        White Unit UPC: 639131608399White Master Case UPC: 10639131608396
                        PACKAGED WEIGHT (lbs) 1.26
                        PACKAGING DIMENSIONS (in) 7.95 x 5.63 x 5.16
                        PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (in) 8.0 x 5.5 x 4.25
                        PRODUCT WEIGHT (lbs) 0.80

                        Virtual Reality Headset

                        • Product Code: SV-839VR