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Built-in Stand:

Allows you to easily position your tablet so you can type, browse the Internet, watch movies or read at a comfortable position.

Built-in Magnet:

Secures your tablet and keyboard wherever you go. 

Complete Portability:

Perfect for office, travel, or home use.

  • Works with all 9” Tablets with Built-in Mini USB Port 
  • Features a Sleek Fold-up Design with Built-in Magnet Closures to Keep your Tablet and Keyboard Secure 
  • Multiple Functional Hotkeys
  • USB Charging Cable Included

Accessories Included: Micro USB Cable, Micro to Mini USB Adapter, and Manual

Black Product UPC: 639131203099
Black Master Case UPC: 10639131203096
Pink Product UPC: 639131903098
Pink Master Case UPC: 10639131903095
White Product UPC: 639131603097
White Master Case UPC: 10639131603094
Blue Product UPC: 639131303096
Blue Master Case UPC: 10639131303093

PACKAGING DIMENSIONS (in) 8.75" x 1.63" x 4.31"
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (in) 8.0" x 1.25" x 9.75"

9" Tablet Keyboard Case

  • Product Code: SC-309KB